Who is Orbit Media Group?

In the United States there are 10,000+ digital agencies.  So, why choose Orbit? Unlike most agencies, we revolve around our customers, not vice versa. Being located and founded in our hometown of New Albany, Ohio, our mission is to bring measurable success to businesses all over the world. 

"It's no longer the big beating the small,
but the fast beating the slow."

It all started in New Albany, Ohio where two friends found a unique intersection of skills. One brought a deep understanding of business and finance, while the other mastered technical expertise and marketing insights. Together, they formed a powerful alliance, giving rise to Orbit Media Group (OMG).


At Orbit, we don’t just navigate the digital space; we engineer it. Grounded in Columbus, Ohio, our mission is to be the gravitational force that anchors brands, ensuring they don’t drift into the void. We’re not just about amplifying signals; we’re about decoding the noise. Whether it’s web development, lead-generation, paid marketing strategies, content creation, or brand development, our toolkit is calibrated to launch enterprises of all scales across the Universe. Read More

Our mission is to be where technology meets business solutions. We launch your brand with innovative services, utilizing cutting-edge technologies that not only grow your business but also improve your ability to serve your clients.

At Orbit, we envision being the ultimate launchpad for enduring digital success. We strive to empower businesses with tools and strategies that transcend trends, creating lasting connections and growth that continues to innovate and inspire.

In today’s digital age, agencies have access to similar tools and strategies. So, what makes us stand out? As a boutique agency, our top-tier leadership and exceptional digital marketing professionals are always within your reach. With us, you’re not just another account; you’re a valued partner. Our ethos revolves around nurturing client relationships and delivering unparalleled results. We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring our clients are always at the forefront.

We are masters at propelling brands beyond boundaries and transmitting their unique stories across the universe.  With us, your brand will find its orbit, connecting effortlessly with global audiences and cultivating enduring relationships. Our unparalleled expertise in strategic marketing, cutting-edge technology, and boundless creativity ensures an unforgettable journey to success. 

Our core services are managed in-house by our elite team, supplemented by a roster of trusted local freelancers we’ve collaborated with over the years. All projects are undertaken using professional resources, primarily from our base in New Albany, Ohio. Our integrated, collaborative approach ensures consistency and excellence across all platforms.

Meet Our Leaders

At Orbit Media Group, our team is our strength. Each member brings a wealth of expertise from different corners of the industry. We have specialists in branding & design who craft memorable identities, social media experts who excel in both organic and paid strategies, and dedicated managers who ensure every project and campaign runs smoothly. Our web designers and developers build user-friendly and impactful websites, while our content creators tell stories that engage and resonate. With a wide range of skills, we're equipped to help businesses thrive in any digital landscape.

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Evan Pandell
Lexi Ripperger
Matt Brosnan