Cutting-Edge Marketing Technology Stack

At Orbit Media Group, we believe in the transformative power of marketing technology. By integrating the right tools and strategies, we not only streamline your marketing processes but also harness data-driven insights to connect, engage, and convert your target audience. As your trusted partners, we ensure that every piece of technology aligns seamlessly with your brand’s vision, propelling you to unparalleled digital success.

Setting the Coordinates: Our Three-Step Journey to Customer Relationship Management

Tag Management

Harness the power of unified marketing with our advanced tag management. Using Google Tag Manager, we consolidate data for easy analysis and actionable insights.

Call Tracking

Dive deep into your digital campaigns with our call tracking technology. Understand which strategies drive phone conversions and optimize for maximum ROI.


Stay ahead in the digital landscape with our continuous refinement. Our dedicated team ensures your strategies remain effective, relevant, and impactful.

Boost Your Business with Orbit's Marketing Technology Smart Stack
Orbit’s Marketing Technology Smart Stack is your key to digital success. Combining data analytics, AI insights, personalized marketing, and call tracking, our integrated suite optimizes every facet of your marketing strategy. Reach and engage your target audience more effectively, drive higher conversions, and experience sustained growth with Orbit’s comprehensive solution.
Leverage HubSpot’s CRM to nurture and grow your business relationships. Collect, clean, and activate AI-ready data, ensuring a solid foundation for all your marketing and sales strategies.

What it means for you: Think of HubSpot as your digital assistant. It helps you understand and manage your customers better, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.
Integrate data from various touchpoints using Google Analytics. Gain insights into user behavior across devices and platforms, creating a comprehensive view of your customer’s journey.

What it means for you: Ever wondered how customers find you or what they do on your website? Google Analytics provides these insights, helping you make informed decisions.
Beyond just identifying the source of calls, advanced call tracking systems can provide detailed analytics, such as call duration, caller location, time of call, and even transcriptions or recordings of the calls. This deeper understanding of customer interactions helps businesses refine their communication strategies, improve customer service, and ultimately drive more conversions.

What it means for you: Discover which marketing strategies make your phone ring. Our call tracking software shows you which ads or campaigns lead to calls, helping you focus on what works.
Utilize HubSpot’s marketing analytics dashboard and Google’s AI capabilities to predict user behavior, deliver actionable insights, and understand the intricacies of the customer journey.

What it means for you: Imagine if you could predict what your customers want next. With the combined power of HubSpot and Google’s AI, you can! It’s like having a roadmap for your business.
Activate data and intelligence across the entire customer journey using HubSpot’s suite of marketing tools. From email marketing to social media management, ensure personalized interactions on every channel.

What it means for you: From personalized emails to targeted social media campaigns, HubSpot ensures every interaction with your customers feels special and tailored just for them.
Dive into the nuances of your campaigns using Google Analytics. Evaluate campaign performance, analyze historical trends, and harness data-driven strategies to optimize your outreach.

What it means for you:
Google Analytics lets you peek into your customer’s journey. Discover what they love about your business and where you can improve.
Unite your marketing and sales teams with HubSpot’s Account-Based Marketing (ABM) software. Collaboratively refine strategies, ensuring alignment with changing customer preferences and market dynamics.

What it means for you: The digital world changes fast. With HubSpot’s tools, you’ll always be updated, ensuring your strategies evolve with your customers’ needs.
Monitor your ad campaigns in real-time using Google Analytics. Discover your best-performing ads, optimize your marketing ROI, and ensure customer privacy remains a top priority.

What it means for you:
Want to know which ads are driving sales? Google Analytics tracks this in real-time, ensuring every dollar you spend is worth it.

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